How much communication is too much?

A sales prospect once told me how often he’d like me to contact him. “Don’t be a stranger, but don’t be a pest.” I still regard this as a nice rule of thumb for staying in touch with prospects, clients, social media connections, and subscribers to my blog and ezine.

The frequency may vary depending on the medium. How many times have you unsubscribed to an ezine because you got bombarded with messages every day? On the flip side, there’s a few publications that I’d like to see more than once a quarter or so.

If you really want to know how often people want to hear from you, ask them. A simple survey would do it. “How often would you like me to send you stuff? ___Daily  ___Weekly  ___ Monthly. The answers might surprise you.

The length of your communications could also impact how welcome your ezine or blog post is to your reader. These days, short is good. Nobody has time to read a dissertation on Facebook. But, they welcome a tip that they can implement that day.

So ask yourself: are you communicating with your customers the way they’d like you to?