About Mary

Mary Walewski, book marketing consultantAbout Mary Walewski (Librarian by education and book marketing consultant by choice)

I’m a book marketing consultant who specializes in online marketing. I’ve been in sales and marketing for most of my working life. Newspapers, libraries, and high tech corporations. (And one hideous job selling printing services – It’s why I decided to go to library school.)

I founded Buy The Book Marketing in 2005 after I discovered there was a real need for marketing services among local authors. After I helped a friend market her first book, my phone started ringing with referrals, always starting with the phrase, “Mary Jo gave me your number. I need some help in marketing my book…”

Why should authors focus on online and social media marketing?

I started to specialize in online promotion and social media marketing for several years ago. Even though we still love bookstores, most people hear about and buy books online. Social media offers authors immediate access to people who wanted to know more about their topics – and a level playing field for all. But I also realized that a lot of baby boomers authors were still learning the technology. That’s when I started one on one coaching and online classes on how to use social media sites and how to make your book visible online.

Looking for one-on-one social media training or an online marketing plan for your book? Contact me for more information.

Formal education: I have a BS in Journalism (working mostly in print advertising) and a Masters Degree in Library Science (in spite of my ambivalence for the Dewey Decimal System.)

Ongoing education: yes. Because the internet changes about every week. I use that library degree to research what’s new in online marketing and book publishing just about every day.

I love working with creative, curious people who are willing to learn something new. I can de-mystify the technical stuff that goes into creating a presence on the internet. Do I know everything? Heck no. But I know where to look for the answers.

I also love my dog Izzy, (see her puppy class graduation picture below) my friends, living in Colorado, and the internet. Also high on my list are good coffee, dark chocolate, and a nice red wine.

Mary Walewski and Izzy