7 Tips for Getting Endorsements for Your Book

Endorsements for your book - who to ask?When you’re publishing your first book, it’s easy to overlook getting endorsements for your book. These are the blurbs on the front and back cover of your book. A great book blurb – or endorsement – by an expert in your field, a known author, or even a celebrity can give your book a nice seal of approval and help sales.

Getting a book blurb or two sounds is easier than you think now that the experts you want to contact have websites and are on social media. No more contacting publishers or agents – your prospects may have assistants helping with their online profiles, but at least you can skip a few of the middlemen.

Here’s my top 7 tips for getting endorsements for your book:

1. Start your prospect list early – ideally when you’re still writing the book. At least, be working on your list when your book is still in editing. Visit your prospects’ websites and look for a contact page or email. Friend and follow them on social media.

2. Your list should consist of people your audience would know and respect. Look for fellow authors in your genre, experts in your field, and celebrities who have a connection to your topic. Don’t count on the big names to respond – but, you never know.

3. Outline a general query letter for your prospects, then customize it for each person you’re approaching. You have a much better chance of snagging an endorsement of your favorite author if you show that you’re a fan of theirs. You should also include some info on how you’ll be marketing and selling your book – nobody wants to endorse a book that nobody will see. If your book sells, your endorser benefits too!

4. In your letter, include sample endorsements for your prospects to edit as they please. Some may choose to write their own, and that’s great.

5. After they say yes, ask them whether they’d like a paper copy or an ebook, the entire book or just an excerpt. You can have ARCs – advance reader copies made through your local POD publisher or even at the local office supply store.

6. Ask 4 times as many prospects as you think you’ll need. You only have room for 1 blurb on the front and maybe 2 more on the back. If you get more, put them on the inside front page. Whatever you do, don’t NOT use a good blurb. If someone goes to the trouble of reading your work and writing an endorsement, you’d better use it.

7. Give your endorsers a reasonable deadline and follow up tactfully. Don’t be a pest – remember they’re doing you a favor! Lastly, after your book comes out, send your endorsers a copy of your book with a nice inscription and a thank you note.

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