Congratulations on Publishing Your Book!

Now, how are you going to sell it? You need a book marketing plan

book marketing plan
Photo by John-Mark Kuznietsov on Unsplash

Right now, marketing and selling your book may look like a GIGANTIC undertaking and you have no idea what to do. Or, maybe you do know and you’re dreading the process.

Maybe this is what you’re thinking: “I have to get hard-core salesey and strongarm my friends to buy my book. Then I have to make the local bookstore carry it.” Ugh. Who wants to do that?

But what if you could find the ideal readers who want to read a book like yours? You won’t have to hard-sell anybody. Your ideal readers would welcome a chance to read your book.

And what if you marketed your book by connecting with your ideal readers and had conversations, none that involve bugging people to buy your book. That would be kind of cool, wouldn’t it?

Does this make a book marketing plan a little less daunting?

That’s what a book marketing plan is all about. It helps you define your ideal reader and how to reach them. Then you promote your book and your topic just to them.

“But, why don’t people just buy it? It’s on Amazon.” Without promotion, nobody will know your book is there. Amazon has millions of books for sale. It’s up to you, the author, to make it stand out.

Here are the steps to creating a marketing plan for your book:

First, we define your objectives for publishing. Is publishing a book a one-time item to check off your bucket list? Or are you planning to publish a series or want to publish a book to enhance your consulting business? Your objectives for publishing will help you determine how much time, money and effort you’ll devote to marketing your book.

Next, we define who your audience is. The more defined your market is, the easier it is to market your book.

Then we create a strategy to reach that market and activities to carry out that strategy.

No strong arm tactics needed.

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