10 Tips for Self Publishing & Marketing

Get this free report! If you are self publishing a book, learn what you need to know. Because you don’t know what you don’t know. Self publishing can be overwhelming for first-time authors. You not only need to become an … Read More

I just want to write.

“I just want to write,” says the author. “I don’t want to spend my time marketing.” That thump is me banging my head against a wall. C’mon people. There are over a million books published every year. Another 20 million … Read More

book launches
Video: The New Normal of Book Launches

I was recently a guest on a Facebook Live Show called Town Square Talk. The topic was “The New Normal of Book Launches.” How do you do book launches in this era of Covid-19 & social distancing? Learn how fellow … Read More

social distancing marketing for authors
Video: Social Distancing Marketing for Authors

A Free Workshop for Authors Positive, tasteful ways you can reach out, build community and  maybe sell a few books online. With Mary Walewski, Buy The Book Marketing And Polly Letofsky, My Word Publishing If you’re wondering what social distancing marketing … Read More

Video: How to Write a Great Title for Your Book

Lots of classic novels started out with very different titles. How much do you think their titles helped with their enduring popularity? Would Of Mice and Men still be read in English classes if Steinbeck had kept his working title … Read More

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