Video: How to Write a Great Title for Your Book

Lots of classic novels started out with very different titles. How much do you think their titles helped with their enduring popularity? Would Of Mice and Men still be read in English classes if Steinbeck had kept his working title … Read More

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Two Effective Writing Techniques Honed by Top Authors

Guest post by Barbara McNichol Authors have a unique expertise to share with the world. Often, their most recent book represents their seminal work—their life’s work. That’s true for a nonfiction book I recently edited, Excellence in Execution by Robin … Read More

The 10 Things All Successful Authors Do

By: Teresa R. Funke I’ve been a professional writer for 27 years and have authored seven books, so it’s not surprising people often ask me the secret to having a career as a writer. When I really got to thinking … Read More

What’s A Book Sell Sheet? Do I Need One?

A book sell sheet (also called a one-sheet) is a handy compilation of the physical aspects of your book, what it’s about, and where a retailer can order it. It’s normally used as a sales aid at trade shows and … Read More

Video: How to Sell Books Without Social Media

You can sell your book without using social media. For those authors who want to avoid online marketing entirely, you’ll need to replace it with outside activities like speaking, teaching and getting sponsors. But, keep in mind, you’re handicapping yourself … Read More

Video: How to Post Book Reviews

Authors are frequently asked by friends and fans how to post their reviews of the author’s book. Here’s a video to show step by step how to post reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads. By the way authors, posting  reviews … Read More

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