Patrice Rhoades-Baum, Marketing Consultant & Branding Expert,

“When it comes to social media marketing, Mary Walewski offers in-depth knowledge + boots-on-the-ground experience + savvy marketing advice. Thanks to her clear (and patient) training, I walked away with specific strategies to leverage social media to meet my business goals. Plus, she shared concrete tactics to up-level my presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. Thanks so much, Mary!”

Allidah Poole Hicks & Bonnie Knuti, authors of When Crisis Strikes…What To Do, What To Say, How To Help

Maybe, like us, you are using social media marketing, but not getting results. That was our situation when we asked Mary Walewski to help us.

We find Mary to be warm, encouraging, and positive.  She explains all this high-tech stuff on a level that we can understand. She shares her past experiences and stories to make online marketing clear and interesting.

In just a brief time, with Mary’s help, we have increased our online presence.  We are starting to see results!

Carol McAnally, Rhythm of Life

I walk away from every meeting with Mary Walewski with a new scheme, a novel idea and inspiration for the next step in marketing plan. Because of her uniquely creative mind, she is invaluable in brainstormings sessions that keep me motivated and help me look at things from a different point of view.  As an extra bonus, Mary’s wry sense of humor keeps me endlessly entertained. She is a joy to work with.

Joyce Leake, Animal Communicator and founder of Animal University

Thank you for the opportunity to attend your class. As you know, I have had some courses and tutelage in this subject however, your class was above and beyond those I have attended.

The information was shared in a ‘communal’ way which made for a very relaxed and conducive atmosphere in which to learn a complicated subject matter.

I now feel put together, capable and energized to use my knowledge and new skills where before I left a similar study feeling overwhelmed, overloaded and tired.

Thank you again, Joyce

Victoria Munro, founder of Make-It-Fly LLC

“We thoroughly enjoy working with Mary. She has an excellent understanding of the many facets of book marketing and promotion, is resourceful, responsive and quickly produces the results were looking for.”

Mary Jo Fay, author and The Voice of Dating, Mating, & Relating

“I am so not into the details and following up on all the important stuff I should do that just doesn’t resonate with me! Heck, I’d rather go write more books than research stuff or follow up on things that are really important to keep me front and center with my possible buyers. Thank God Mary IS good at that stuff! Working with her frees me up to do what I’m best at and know that she’s doing what she’s best at for my benefit!”