How do you revive sales for a backlist book?

Can you get new sales from a backlist book?

I get inquiries all the time that sound like this: I didn’t do much marketing when my book was first published. Now I want to market it. What can we do?revive-backlist-book

First of all, be honest with yourself as to why didn’t you promote it the last time. What has changed this time? Are you willing to invest the time and money to revive the book?

First, make a plan. It starts with taking a good look at your online presence.

Let’s start by taking a fresh look at your book’s listing on Amazon

If your backlist book is nonfiction, read it again to make sure your topic is still relevant and the information is current. Or if it needs updating, are you willing to update the text and put out a 2nd edition? You’ll need to have the book re-edited and formatted again, so consider whether you’re willing to invest in that.

If the book is either fiction or nonfiction, is the cover dated or just not very good? Would you be willing to pay for a new cover?

Take a critical look at your book’s description on Amazon. If nonfiction, what problem does it promise to solve for the reader? If fiction, is the description compelling and make the reader want to check it out? You can update your description in your KDP account.

Revisit your keywords and categories for your book. Is your book in the proper categories? You can have up to 10 categories for print and 10 for your ebook. Are your keywords relevant?

Now let’s talk about your website and social media

Does your website also need a facelift? Check your site for outdated information, broken links, and other problems. Also take a good look at your social media profiles and update those as needed. This will make your book a lot easier to find.

Consider getting paid reviews and do some paid promotions

Getting new reviews for your book can boost sales. Consider doing a giveaway of your Kindle backlist book by advertising in one of the many bargain newsletters for Kindle and other ebooks. Check out Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, Book Gorilla and The Fussy Librarian. Ads in these publications are reasonably priced and go out daily to an opt-in audience of Kindle readers.

Write another book!

This is the advice that most authors hate. Publishing a new book is a great way to revive interest in your backlist book or books. You can also use the old book to promote the new one.