You’re boring and that’s bad!

I was so happy for you. You were so excited by your shiny new blog and Facebook page. You made all sorts of plans for the posts you wanted to write, the knowledge you wanted to share.

You were going to record podcasts….VIDEO….interviews….maybe start blogging that book!

What happened?

You did okay at first. Posted twice a week. Collected lots of new fans for your Facebook page. Then, within a few months, nothing. Couldn’t remember what you were going to write about, why you were so excited. Boy, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen WRITERS, people who have written entire books, freeze up when they start to blog. And they suddenly have nothing to say on Facebook. All of a sudden, you’re……boring. And your traffic is terrible, your sales have tanked, and you’re wondering why you started this in the first place.

You can do better than that. Let’s go back to basics.

Start with the “why.”

What do you want to get out of a blog? Do you just want to sell your book? Expand your consulting services? Blog ideas for your next book? Make a list.

Now let’s fill in the “how.”

Then expand the list to topics. What keeps your audience up at night? What questions do they ask. What make you write the book or start a business in the first place?

What’s going on in your field? Do you agree with what’s happening? Offer your opinions, critiques, reviews of new products, new books on the topic. Start posting excerpts of your book. Post some of the research you did for it. Tell some good stories. Interview an expert or two. Record it and post the audio – or video.

Now don’t stop –

Keep a list of ongoing ideas for your blog and social media. Once a month, carve out a day to write drafts of posts you can finish and post during the week.

Still struggling to find ideas?

Watch for my new webinar, “Now That I’m on Social Media, What Do I Say?” 25 (and counting) ideas for your blog and social media.