Your social media strategy: lead, don’t chase!

Maggie Smiling (2)I like to start my day with a nice, leasurely walk with my dog, Maggie. Maggie, however, regards the sight of the leash as her invitation to start a game of keep-away. She gets that “I’m about to do something that will piss you off” look on her face, followed by taking off around the dining room table. (Dogs love to run around big tables. They know you can’t easily follow them under the table, thus ensuring they win.)

I got a book awhile ago on dog behavior called The Other End of the Leash. According to the author, if you want your dog to come to you, don’t chase them. In pack behavior, running at the dog means run away (or get your ass kicked, I suppose.) But walking away from the dog tells that dog to follow you.

I tried this with Maggie. It works some of the time. But, we think she’s kind of an alien being anyway, not a dog.

My newly minted “Lead, Don’t Chase” strategy for leashing my dog could very well be applied to social media marketing.

1. To attract followers, lead by giving good information, answering questions, and being an authoritative voice on your topic. Those interested in your topic and your information will likely follow you and perhaps become your clients or customers.

2. Do not chase your potential customers by constantly pitching your products and services. Like Maggie the unrepentent hound, they will respond by leading you on a chase and duck under the (figurative) dining room table to escape you at every opportunity. I can guarantee you will be frustrated!