Your book has won an award! 5 tips for getting publicity

You’ve won this great award for your book. Now that the ceremony is over and the initial glow has lessened, how do you get some well-deserved publicity from it?

1. Tell everybody you know and celebrate! Then, write a press release that includes what the award is, and why you won it.

2. Send the press release out to your local newspapers, alumni association, and any other organizations you belong to in your area of expertise.

3. Post your good news on your blog and Facebook and any other social media you belong to. Announce it in your ezine, if you have one. Link to any publicity from the organization that gave you the award. Be sure to include your photo of you posing with the award if you have one. (Facebook is the largest photo sharing site on the net.)

4. Update your publicity information for you and your book to include your award. Add the award to your email signature.

5. Add your award to your media page on your website. Don’t have a media page? Create one now! (Make it easy for the media to get more information about you.)

What methods have you used to get publicity? Send me your ideas to add to this post!


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