Why your website needs a press kit

As a published author, you should have information on your website for the press and others to learn about you and your book. Consider these questions:

* Do you ever try to get free publicity for your book? The first place the press will check is your website. A website with no information – or worse – a site under construction – tells that reporter you aren’t ready for prime time.
* Do you get involved in your community, and do good things that the world should know about?
* If there was a problem or a wonderful event that would cause a reporter to come calling, do you have well-written basic information that they could use in a news story?
* Would you rather a reporter’s use your information about your book or find it elsewhere and risk having that information be wrong?

A press kit is basically a resource area on your website for reporters to learn about your book and you. Here’s what could be found there:

* Current press releases
* Short history of your company
* Your biography
* Sample interview questions
* Quotes from you
* A link to your ezine and/or blog
* Pictures of you and your book cover
* List of other media appearances/links to video
* Contact info

Once you’ve got this page done, keep it updated. Don’t be caught unprepared when the press comes calling!