When is “good enough” good enough in social media marketing?

I am a selective perfectionist.

When I publish a post or an ezine article I always make sure that

  • it is typo-free (or if one slips by I’ll go back and fix it.)
  • free of glaring grammatical errors like a comma instead of semicolon
  • Reasonably free of current slang (because I don’t have teenagers around to keep me current on what currently hip. Oh, cripes, is anything still hip?)

Then there is what’s “good enough.”

Not everything you publish or tweet or post will be a polished gem of wordsmithing. There will be a lot of shall we say…gravel, given the amount of content you have to produce. But, in the general scheme of things that gravel will be “good enough.”

I say this because of the torrent of comments and links and video and words that flows by us every day. If an online follower lets me know that something I wrote was useful, thought-provoking, or just plain funny to them, then, wow, I’m delighted. For a brief moment I stood out in the torrent. Tomorrow, my challenge will be to stand out again.

You see, those moments when you stand out have a cummulative effect on your followers. If you manage to get your followers’ attention regularly, say once or twice a week, they will come to recognize you as An Authority. And you don’t have to be brilliant every time to get that recognition. You just have to try every day.