What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking sites that allows you to answer that important question: What are you doing right now? You have 140 characters to answer.

Sounds a bit silly? Well, yes and no. For those of us who scramble to find time to write at all, the idea of promoting 140 characters at a time is pretty attractive. I prefer to translate “What are you doing?” to “What have you discovered?” A lot of the people I follow on Twitter do the same.

Nobody really wants to know what you are doing right now, especially if the answer is “tweeting on Twitter.” But it gets more interesting to everybody if you write about the article you just read that would be of interest to your followers and give the link to the article. Makes more sense, doesn’t it?

The most interesting tweets are about knowledge or observations that can help you in your business.

Think about using Twitter to pass on tips to your followers that they might find useful. You can also let people know about your updated blog posts, workshops and talks coming up, and good news to share.

Oh, and you can also brag about how much you ate on Thanksgiving and the holiday bargains you snapped up on Black Friday. We can’t always be about work…

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