What’s a WordPress Newbie to do?

I’ve been working with a lot of people lately who are changing their websites over to WordPress. I changed my whole website over to WordPress a few years ago. I love being able to make changes on my own, instantly,  instead of relying on someone else who knows html and has Dreamweaver.

But, as much as I’m a fan, I know WordPress is pretty confusing at first. So, for anyone who’s new to using it, here’s a list of good resources to help you over the initial bumps. (And when in doubt, Google: “wordpress, yourproblem” and see what pops up.)

WordPress.org Forums – chances are somebody, somewhere has had the exact same problem you have and posted it to this forum.

WordPress.tv – Also part of WordPress.org, WordPress TV features videos of how-to’s and interviews from various Word Camps. (Word Camps are community events put together for WordPress users. There’s one here in Denver in July.)

WordCamp Central – Where to get the skinny on Word Camps near you.

Webdesignerdepot.com – 300+resources to help you become a WordPress expert.

WordPressMax – WordPress guides for the Geek impaired.


WPBeginner.com – a beginners guide to WordPress.

There’s way more than this out there, but start here and let me know what you learn. Happy blogging!