What’s A Book Sell Sheet? Do I Need One?

Caregiving While Keeping Your JobA book sell sheet (also called a one-sheet) is a handy compilation of the physical aspects of your book, what it’s about, and where a retailer can order it. It’s normally used as a sales aid at trade shows and also for sending to a bookseller who is interested in stocking your book. A sell sheet can also be included in a media kit on your website as it gives a comprehensive overview of your book.

The design of a sell sheet can vary but here’s a list of what information should be included:

  • Photo of the cover of your book
  • Book title, genre
  • Short description of who your book is for – the ideal reader
  • Short summary of the plot (fiction) or the topic (nonfiction)
  • Name of publisher
  • Name of author, short author bio and contact info
  • Publication date
  • ISBN
  • Price
  • #of pages
  • Dimensions of the book
  • Formats – hardback, paperback, ebook, audio
  • Excerpt from a trade review or endorsement from an author or expert in your field
  • How to order – distributor info, or author.

Looking for design ideas for your book sell sheet? Here’s a few examples via Google Images. 

If you’ve got some design experience, you could probably do this yourself. I recommend checking with your cover designer to see if they can do your sell sheet, along with bookmarks, postcards and any other marketing materials.

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