What to post to your Facebook business page – and what not to

I googled “What not to post on Facebook” after reading one too many cryptic profile updates from friends. Stuff like “At breakfast at The Egg and I. Eggs Benedict, yum!” and “I have nothing left to live for……..” (I think the ellipses are especially annoying. Like the writer is posting as she’s jumping off a cliff…..…)

You sort of tolerate these posts if they’re posted by your friends. But, would you put up with this stream of self indulgent non sequiturs if they’re coming from a business page you liked?

Those clicks you hear are the sounds of pages being “unliked…..….” (As we slowly jump off…..…..our high horse.) Okay, I’m done complaining. Here’s something useful:

What to post to your Facebook business page

1. Good information that solve your customers’ problems. Are you a car mechanic? Post tips on how to winterize your car, change a tire, stock an emergency road kit.

2. Post other people’s articles on topics your customers would find useful. Where do you find those? Subscribe to blogs in your area of expertise, read news sites. I also repost articles I see on my personal feed.  Tip: shorten those big URLs by using bit.ly or ow.ly.

3. Share customer stories or pictures – with their permission.

4. Share pictures of your employees and your store. Help us get to know you.

5. Info about new products, sales, and services. But don’t overdo this one. Make this available on one of your app pages so we can check it out on our own.

And thank you for not posting where you’re having lunch. And posting a photo of it. And adding ellipses…..