Virtual Book Tours: Have you hugged your blog hosts today?

As soon as I mentioned I was planning a virtual book tour for a client, I started to get inquiries. Can you plan one for my book? How do you set up a VBT? What do you do during the tour?

Short answers – yes I can plan one for you – just ask! How do you set it up? You check out blogs, decide if they would be a good match for your book, and ask the blogger if they’d like to be part of the tour. Then, if they say yes, ask them what they’d like to do – a review or a guest post. Then you mail out copies of the book, plan the schedule and what materials you need to send the hosts, send out press releases, and a thousand other small details. It’s been a lot of fun, but a little crazy.

What totally blew me away was how receptive bloggers have been to being a part of Tina’s tour. I’ve met some of the coolest people planning this tour for Tina Collen and her awesome book Storm of the i. These bloggers are spending their time to read and review the book, have contributed ideas for the guest posts Tina will contribute and thanked me for asking them to be a stop on the tour.

Shoe’s on the other foot, everybody. I thank you all for being a part of this tour and especially for being the most wonderful subspecies of humans, book people!

The blog tour for Tina Collen and Storm of the i begins this Monday, Jan 31. For the complete tour schedule, see my post from last week. To learn more about Tina and Storm of the i, check out