Virtual Blog Tour announced for Erica Nelson’s Happiness Quotations

Happiness is your birthright.

Author and happiness coach Erica Nelson will begin a Virtual Blog Tour on April 25 to promote her newest book, Happiness Quotations: Gentle Reminders of Your Preciousness. This virtual book tour will take the author around the country via ten blogs that include book reviewers, a relationship expert, and Animal University.

“Most people pursue pleasure in money, sex and power but are still unfulfilled. Why? Because they are non-sustainable energy sources whereas happiness is the purest, most sustainable and reusable form of fuel for the human spirit. Thank you Erica for writing such a meaningful and important book. I love it and it makes me happy.” writes Michael Port, New York Times bestselling author of The Think Big Manifesto.

“Beautifully written, this inspiring book offers you food for your soul and spirit. Each page illuminates the world the eyes of hope, love and happiness and offers practical guidance for creating a real shift in your perspective.” Mitch Meyerson, author of Six Keys To Creating The Life You Desire.

“When I was looking over everthing I’ve wanted to write about, it always comes back to happiness,” says author and happiness coach Erica Nelson, ” Happiness is like the oil that turns the wheels in your life. No oil, no juice, your wheels become stuck and your movement is sluggish. Happiness Quotations can be sampled in any order or read front to back. It was written as a guide for you as you journey on this planet.”

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Week 1

4/25/11 The Book Connection

4/26/11 Shelagh’s blog

4/27/11 A cozy reader’s corner

4/28/11 Joey Pinkney

4/29/11 Books Trumpet


Week 2

5/2/11 Jonathan Manske

5/3/11 Animal University

5/4/11 Misslynnsbooks

5/5/11 The Book Tree

5/6/11 Literrary rr blogspot


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