Use the back cover to promote your book

You’re wasting valuable real estate if the back cover of your book has only a two-line bio and your picture on it. Use this space to:
* *Tell your potential audience what your book can do for them. People buy books to help them solve a problem.
* Tell your potential audience what others have said about your book. Endorsements from experts can help sell a book. If your book is about spirituality, do you know any experts – pastors, and other experts in the field – who might be willing to read your book before it’s published and give you an endorsement? Children’s authors – any teachers, child psychologists, and children who might endorse your book?

Spend some time writing your back book description and bio. Also include a professionally taken picture. This is all about packaging. It’s worth your time and energy to show that you are a professional writer and that this is a book worth your readers’ time and money.