The Right Wing Conspiracy to Control Dancing With The Stars

The casting director who dreamed up the list of possible “stars” to appear on Dancing With The Stars and included Bristol Palin should get a huge raise. The show this season has become a press agent’s dream. I have never seen so much buzz about the lengths a “star’s” fans will go to to keep her in the competition. Apparently fans are setting up bogus email addresses in order to stuff the ballot box. (Let’s face it fans, the girl is trying but she’s not very good.)

Last night I couldn’t log in to vote on The servers were clearly overloaded. I wanted to vote for Jennifer Grey as I firmly believe that she is the best dancer and should win. Why did I decide to vote? I believe there is a right wing conspiracy to make Bristol Palin the winner of DWTS. And it really annoys me that the country seems to think this is important. It also annoys me that I think it’s important enough to cast my own vote.

If Bristol wins, will this be a victory for the Tea Party or evangelicals, or lobbyists for the spray tan industry? Will Bristol’s victory give them a mandate to demand tax cuts or set the scene for Bristol to tango to the White House in 2032? Or is it more likely that Bristol will be the next Bachelorette or star in a new reality show called Alaska Shore?

Seriously, I’m facinated that we all care. Do we even remember who won the last 2 seasons of DWTS? I think this PR stunt of casting a politician’s kid has become a bizarre reflection of the enormous chasm between the two political parties and their cultural differences.

The winner tonight will prove…….nothing. Only that that casting director should get a big raise. I can’t wait to see who will be in the next cast. It will be a nice distraction from the real problems we face in this country.