The Lorelei Lee School of Marketing

Remember Lorelei Lee? Marilyn Monroe played Lorelei in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Lorelei and her best friend Dorothy (Jane Russell) played two showgirls looking for love and diamonds. (Not necessarily in that order.) The highlight of the picture was Marilyn’s iconic performance of “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.”


You’d think that Lorelei was the epitome of the ditsy blonde bombshell.  When I watched the movie again this week, I realized that Lorelei wasn’t anybody’s plaything. She had a plan for herself – marry her rich boyfriend – and score a tiara from a wealthy conquest. She didn’t waste her time with good looking men who couldn’t give her what she wanted. She set her goals and executed her plan.

Here’s what a marketer could learn from Lorelei:

1. Have a plan!

Most marketing happens randomly – a blog post now and then, a few posts on our Facebook page, a tweet. Plan your marketing efforts – whether it’s posting on social media or getting on radio – and schedule time to carry it out.

2. Take time to target your intended audience.

Lorelei had made up her mind to marry a rich man who would give her diamonds. She didn’t waste time on men who didn’t fit that criteria. Who are you spending your efforts on? Are they the audience you’re looking for?

3. Attract your intended audience by delivering the goods.

Know what they’re looking for. Lorelei’s intended wanted his vision of the ideal woman – gorgeous, innocent, and devoted to him. She never let him suspect she had a brain and a plan.

4. Listen to your audience and they’ll tell you what they want.

How can you become the go-to expert to your audience? Provide solutions to their problems and they’ll turn to you.

5. Keep your eye on the prize and be persistant.

Lorelei and Dorothy got the husbands of their dreams at the end of the movie. What is your business goal and how will you get it?