The end of the boring website

The trouble with most websites is, we only know we should have one. We really don’t think about what we want visitors to do. One of the biggest wastes of time and money is to produce a “brochure” website that invites a visitor to do nothing.

By doing nothing I mean the website has:

* No free content to read or watch to see if they want to buy your services
* No way to collect a visitor’s name and email address to build a mailing list.
* Content that hasn’t been updated since the site was created.
* No reason for them to return.

The cure for the boring website could very well be to have a blog instead of a website. Look at the advantages:

* Continuously updated content (if you add posts on a regular basis) that gives visitors a reason to return or add your RSS feed so they can read your updates.
* You can update your blog yourself instead of waiting for your web guy to do it.
* Two way communication with your readers by allowing comments on your blog. Your readers get to know and trust you.
* If you use WordPress blog software, you can download it for free.