Surprise your customers

Getting the oil changed in my car ranks right up there with taking out the garbage and weeding my lawn. I know it’s necessary, but I tend to put it off for as long as possible.

One thing the Grease Monkey guys do that never fails to amuse me, is they leave a carnation on my dashboard at the end of the service. Does this make me feel any better about spending $50  on my car?

Yes and no. I hate spending money on my car, but I appreciate that it is necessary if I don’t want a costlier repair bill down the line because I haven’t changed the oil in 12,000 miles. The carnation is a nice way to surprise me, the customer, and make me feel appreciated. I know the flower cost  like 10 cents, but it looks way better than leaving a dime on my dash. Plus, it’s kind of cute to get a flower from the guys that work on your car.

It makes me think of how I can show my customers I appreciate them. Could I –

  • Send them a link to an article that I think they’d find useful?
  • Wish them a Happy Birthday on Facebook?
  • Refer their book to someone?

What’s your “carnation” for your clients?