Sometimes I sits and thinks…

…and sometimes I just sits.

I googled this saying and found out that Satchel Paige is credited with saying this. Hmmm, I thought Yogi Berra was the only baseball sage.

I have a good friend who spends her Fridays just thinking about her business. I used to think she was wasting time she could have spent doing. Making money. Taking care of clients. You know, working.

But sometimes you need to just sit and think. Or just sit and get out of the way of the fire hose of information that comes at you from every direction.

Try it and see what happens. You could get   –

–  An idea for a new product or service

– A new way of solving an old problem

– An insight into yourself

– A break from your routine

If you can’t spare an entire day, how about spending an hour? Try it and see.

See you at the park?