SEO for the rest of us

I don’t consider myself a techie. I know just enough about back-end SEO to be incredibly dangerous. So how does a non-tech website owner help their website make nice with Google and the other search engines?

1. Have a blog on your website and update it regularly. I’m amazed how many web people think it’s okay to just have your website linked to your blog on You’re just driving traffic to, who’s doing quite well, thank you very much.

2. Import your blog to your social media profiles in Facebook and LinkedIn. If people like your posts, they’ll check out the rest of your site.

3. Use a Twitter plugin like Wordtwit to notify Twitter when you’ve updated your blog and provides a link to your post.

4. If you have a brick and mortar store, get a free listing in Google Local Business Center and Bing Local Listing Center.

5. Use keyword descriptions in your blog posts and in your listings that people are likely to use if they’re looking for your services. I get a lot of traffic from people searching for “book marketing” “self published books” and “sell your book on the internet.”

6. When you start doing these things, be consistent. I had a client a while ago who was concerned he wasn’t getting any traffic to his blog. Trouble is, he hadn’t updated it in a month. Search engines love new content. When you don’t update your blog, the search engines lose interest in your site and favor the ones that are putting new stuff out there. (Kind of like us – always attracted to what’s new and shiny.)