Review of Cheryl Ilov’s Forever Fit and Flexible

When Cheryl Ilov contacted me for marketing assistance with her book, Forever Fit and Flexible: Feeling Fabulous at Fifty and Beyond, I immediately wanted to read her book for myself. Ilov is not only a physical therapist, she’s also certified in Pilates, Feldenkrais and has trained in ballet and a martial art called Ninpo Tai Jutsu. I figured she knew what she was talking about. Also, I appreciated that she herself was over 50 and in fantastic shape.

I’m a 50+ woman who spends a lot of time working at a computer. It’s difficult for me to make the time to exercise. (I know I should, but, like most people, find a lot of excuses.)  One of the reasons I chose to get a dog instead of a cat is that dogs have to be walked. Thanks to Izzy,  I walk about 90 minutes a day, in 5 to 7 trips outside.

All this walking gets me out of my chair, but I still have a lot of aches and pains. I also do some regular exercise, but when I get busy, my good intensions to work out get shoved aside.

So I was eager to read Forever Fit and Flexible to get some exercises and inspiration. Here’s the book description:

Forever Fit and Flexible: Feeling Fabulous at Fifty and Beyond offers you the possibility of living with a new sense of energy and vitality as you move into your fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond. Once you get moving, you’ll want to keep moving!

Imagine starting each day with a spring in your step. Envision liking what you see in the full-length mirror before you get dressed. Now visualize that you can engage in any activity with strength, grace, and confidence.

In Forever Fit and Flexible, Cheryl Ilov provides a program that will help you create this and more. Her movement lessons provide the building blocks to better posture, core strength, flexibility, balance, and functional strength. As you develop a solid physical foundation, you will also:

  • eliminate chronic pain
  • improve injury-related mobility issues
  • experience increased energy
  • develop mindful self-awareness and a positive mindset
  • … and much more!

Here’s what I discovered doing Cheryl’s exercises:

The descriptions of the exercises are very easy to follow, but you do need to focus on what you’re doing. If you’re also trying to watch TV or keep an eye on your dinner as it cooks, wait until you can focus just on the exercises. Besides, don’t you deserve this time just to focus on you?

Don’t rush through them. I got the most benefit from taking my time and really paying attention to what I was doing. I’ve noticed progress in my flexibility in just a week of doing the exercises.

The exercises are very meditative and relaxing. Great way to start your morning if you’re not an “up and at ’em” morning exerciser (which I am not.) Also, bonus if you’ve wanted to get into meditation and just can’t sit still to do it. This, to me, is a great way to meditate.

I’m waking up pain free instead of my usual aches and pains. That is the best thing ever!

I’m giving Forever Fit and Flexible a big thumbs up! I would recommend this book to anyone who spends a lot of time sitting and is tired of feeling stiff and achy all of the time. It’s made a world of difference in how I feel and move every day. Give it a try!