What’s in your personal promotion toolkit?

woman with cameraRecently I’ve been asked to speak to several groups around the Denver metro area. These are always great opportunities for me to promote my business and services. Plus, it’s always good to go out and talk to people face to face instead of virtually. (It’s also good to have to change out of my usual work attire – sweats!)

Along with planning and writing descriptions of my talks, I had to do some updating of the professional info I send along to the organizers. Fortunately, I had several versions of my bio to work from. It made it easy to update and send it along. Over the years I’ve been in business I have a fairly large file to refer to.

What about you? Do you have the have the following promo items ready for promoting your book, business, or presentation?

  • A good professional photo of yourself in several sizes. This should be the same photo you use on your website, the cover of your current book and on your social media profiles. Be sure to take a new photo every few years. You don’t want a dated photo that looks like you’re caught in a time warp.
  • A short (100 words) and a long (300 words) version of your bio. Always look it over before you send it. Are there any updates – like an award — that are especially good to include for this audience?
  • Cover shots of your book(s) in jpg, png, and pdf file formats. If you don’t have photo editing software, there are several good online photo editing sites. My personal favorite is Picmonkey.
  • Short and long descriptions of your current book. Be sure to include where the book is available for sale.
  • It’s also good to have these and other items like press releases and testimonials on a media page on your website. Reporters on a deadline will go to your website for these kinds of information.

What other items do you like to keep in your personal promotion toolkit?