Your Book Marketing Plan

If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up someplace else. –Yogi Berra

Your book marketing plan is a map to where you want to go with your book. Without a map, sure, you might get somewhere….or nowhere! We start by determining what you want to accomplish, then research the market, ideal readers, and the best ways to reach them. Then we create an action plan to raise your visibility, connect with readers and sell books! Best of all, when you’re in front of your ideal audience, there’s really no selling involved.

Your Content Marketing Plan

People buy books because they (1) have a problem that they believe your book can solve and (2) they like and trust you.  Your content marketing plan maps out what topics you’ll post about and where. Your content helps them solve their problem and builds a relationship with you. You’ll learn how to create content that your market wants and shares with their friends.

But what if you’re a fiction writer? The “problem” people have is what to read next! Yes, that’s not an earth-shattering problem, but avid readers are always looking for their next read. Shouldn’t that be your book?

Your Social Media Plan

Your social media plan and content plan goes hand-in-hand. Once you create your great content, where will you share it? Your social media plan shows you where and when to share your content, how to build your followers and how to convert those followers into buyers.

Social media training, set up, optimization and advertising

Private training/coaching packages are available as well as hourly training. Need your profiles set up and optimized? Or, are you new to social media advertising? Contact me for a custom proposal for your needs.

Other Marketing Services, including –

Book Reviews – to spread the word about your book through book bloggers and reader reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Amazon set up, optimization, and advertising. Amazon has millions of books on their site. Learn how to get your book visible through optimizing your sales page and well-placed advertising.

Contact me today to schedule a free, no obligation, 30-minute consultation. We’ll talk about what you want to accomplish for your book and how I can help you achieve that goal.