Book Marketing Plans and Social Media Training for Authors

Marketing a book is about creating relationships with your ideal readers, as well as book review bloggers, and traditional and new media. My goal is to create a book marketing plan to help you connect with the audience that wants to hear from you. Once you connect with your ideal readers, there’s no selling involved.

Marketing your book means marketing YOU. People buy because they (1) have a problem that they believe your book can solve and (2) they like and trust the person who wrote the book.  Your potential market doesn’t want hear a sales message over and over. My social media training teaches you a variety of ways you can create content that your market wants and will share with their friends.

But what if you’re a fiction writer? The “problem” people have is what to read next! Yes, that’s not an earth-shattering problem, but avid readers are always looking for their next read. Shouldn’t that be your book?


  1. A book marketing plan for getting book sales. We’ll work together to create an online marketing plan for your book that includes using your website, social media,, book bloggers and more. A marketing plan is part of your business plan. The two have to fit together and have the same goals.
  2. Social media optimization and training. I’m constantly researching what’s new in social media and how to use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al, for authors selling books. I can work with you one-on-one on an hourly basis ($120/hr) or as part of a book marketing plan.
  3. Do-able social media plans that get results and don’t take hours and hours week to do every week.
  4. Content plans to build your fanbase and mailing list. If you want to promote on social media and get traffic to your website, you need to consistently publish content that your fans will find interesting. What kind of content should you be publishing and how often? Together, we’ll create a content plan for your blog and social media to draw in fans. And you’ll know how to track your results.

Incidently, I’m not a publicist. I don’t contact newspapers and TV stations to get publicity for my clients. Sorry. But here’s the good news: most reporters these days get their story ideas from social media and blogs. So if you get visible online, traditional media will find you.

If you’d like to talk to me about your marketing needs, contact me here. I offer a free, 30 minute phone consultation so we can see if we’d work well together.

Here’s what clients have to say about my social media training:

Since I started working with Mary, I have overcome great gulps of technophobia, got a fine website operating, joined Goodreads, joined Denver Writers Group, and gained confidence in my ability to navigate the strange waters of internet marketing. It
is still a bit daunting, but navigable, even fun, and I’m feelin’ like I can talk to my technosavvy grandkids!

Good choice, Mary Walewski. She knows her stuff and is patient, thorough, and reliable.
Thanks, Mary.
-Catherine Scott, Well Healed Press, Evergreen, CO

Mary’s coaching was even more helpful than what I had expected. She not only taught me how to develop my online presence but introduced me to Goodreads, how to improve my website, join CIPA (where my book won an Award), and get my 2000+ subscribers newsletter sent professionally. I found her to be very adaptable and excellent at what she knows.  Larry Angus, author of The Hidden Messages of Jesus


I would like to thank you for helping me to understand and implement the Social Media Marketing tools that you teach in your Marketing class. Your easy to follow steps helped me to not only understand how the Internet Social Marketing works, but how to put together a marketing  plan to direct potential clients to my website using facebook, twitter, and blogging.

Your knowledge of how the process works is vast and your ability to explain it to me, someone who is fairly computer illiterate was extremely helpful. Thank you so much for giving me the tools needed to create my own marketing scheme and the ability to implement it on my own.

I would recommend your class to anyone wanting to use the Internet as a Social Media Marketing tool.

Phyllis Jo Arnold

Mary Walewski’s  coaching and classes have proven invaluable to me in developing an individualized plan to market my book, StepWisdom.  One of her gifts is to understand you, your book, and your goals before working with you on designing an individualized marketing plan that meets the needs for your book.  Her patience and encouragement with my budding understanding of social media was just what I needed. I had taken other, larger classes where I got totally overwhelmed and lost in computer language I simply did not understand.

Her ability to communicate in a informative fashion and define terms which had previously been confusing was just what I needed.  I now have enough ideas and plans to go for months.  And it is great to know she is easy to reach and responsive to individual questions and plan changes.

I look forward to more classes and her newsletter!

Eleanor S. Alden, LCSW, BCD