Nobody cares about your book

There. I said it.

I know it’s heresy to say things like this to writers, but I feel this  has to be said:

Nobody (except your mom) cares that you wrote a book.

UNLESS your book provides the solution to a problem that somebody has. Then they care.

And that’s really true of selling anything, whether it’s a book, a household cleaner, or a cheesecake. Nobody cares unless that product solves a problem.

So, if you’re looking to sell truckloads of your book:

  • Rremember that it’s not about you and how you need to recoup the time and money you’ve put into your book. It’s about THEM and how your book can help solve a problem they have.
  • Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ask “Why should I care?”
  • Do not sell. Share good information and set yourself up as the expert that can help your audience.
  • Get testimonials from happy readers about how your book helped solve their problem
  • Care. Share. Interact. People want to know you before they’ll buy from you. The old adage is true: People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.