My life decaffinated

I decided to start my spring cleaning early by cleaning up…myself. I started a 30-day cleanse on Saturday to detoxify my body and hopefully drop a few pounds. The diet part is relatively easy. Lots of fruits and vegetables and protein shakes and very little else for the first two weeks. But the real killer was giving up coffee.

I love coffee.

Coffee gets me out of bed in the morning, makes me want to live when it’s dark and nasty outside. I love the aroma of coffee, love the ritual of making it. I love to sit and drink it quietly, planning the day.

I especially love the caffeine. It wakes me up, makes me focus.

I haven’t had a cup of coffee since Friday.

Saturday was day one of the cleanse and my caffeine withdrawal. I felt like hell, all headache-y and out-of-body. And really sleepy. I wondered why the hell I was doing this to myself. Drinking the shakes and eating only salad and brown rice was a snap in comparison.

Sunday, day two:  headache and out-of-body feeling was gone. Drank hot water and lemon first thing instead of coffee with half and half, agave and a dash of cinnamon in the grounds. Not bad. Drank orange and pineapple shake with protein stuff. Ok. Salad next – getting used to it.

Piece of cake.

Monday, day three: did not feel tempted by pizza offered at speakers’ workshop. Still want coffee more than anything. But, getting into herbal tea.

Tuesday, day four:  The Mountain Man guy came into the office with his big cart of candy and nut mixes. Had to say no to dark chocolate covered almonds and cranberries.  No problem. Would still kill for a non-fat latte.

Wednesday, day five: got the new food routine down, feel great, lost 4 lbs. Check.

Still want coffee? Check.

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  • I’ve lost 8 lbs already…but I’m still longing for a cuppa joe. I’m counting down to next weekend. Gee, I haven’t looked forward to anything like this since I was a kid at Christmas.

  • love it! great comments and you still lost even more than 4 lbs…I got the inside scoop:)
    Think we should start a group on LinkedIn and go for preventive health and coffee lovers….Cheers!

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