More on podcasting your novel

Ever since I wrote about serial podcasting I’ve seen references to the original story all over the web. (The original story was in the San Francisco Chronicle.)

* One author added some great twists of his own: Author J.C. Hutchins got actors and directors to record promotional clips into his recordings. Director George Romero (of zombie movie fame) recorded a clip after the author tracked him down at a fan convention. Hutchins has also invited his fans to contribute stories of their own based on a plot twist in one of his novels (a two-week nationwide blackout in the wake of a terrorist attack.) He’ll use some of the stories in a future podcast.

* The overwhelming experience for the authors quoted in these stories is that e-books and podcasts sell print books. You have to give content away in order to build demand for your work. 

What fun ideas can you dream up for promoting your own book?