More clean-up tips for your WordPress blog

Fall cleaning my website is kind of like cleaning out my clothes closet. I’ve found hidden gems (when did I buy this sweater?) to wear and a few duds that have outlived their usefulness. (Goodbye gray blazer that seemed like such a good buy.) The same thing happens on your website!

Here’s a few more things to check on your WordPress site:

1. Test your contact form. Is it still working? I got a call from a prospective client who said he tried to email me via the form and got a spam message. Turned out to be a problem with his internet provider, but check this stuff out. You want people to be able to get hold of you.

2. Click on your links to open pdf documents you have available on your site.

3. If you have a sign up form for your ezine, test that periodically as well.  Make sure the followup letter says what you’d like it to say as well. Are you offering a free ebook when someone signs up? Is it still current or has it become dated. I went through some reports I had on my site from 2 years ago and took them down for updating.

4. Are any of your old posts out of date? I wouldn’t go back and change them, but why not do a new post and update the old info? You can also link it to the old post. Great way to recycle content!

5. Revisit your original vision for your blog. How has that vision changed? Where do you want to take it now?