Marketing online: “I gotta be me!”

A lot of your success in marketing online depends on whether your prospects think there’s a real person behind the website, the blog, and the Facebook profile. They also have to like that person, but that’s another topic. Today I want to talk about being genuine in your online interactions.

I’ve seen several of my clients blank out once the new blog is set up and it’s time to add content. Adding to that question of what to write is the “What if I do it wrong?” fear. There is no way to do this wrong if you’re taking the time to think about what you want your blog to be about and give yourself space to find your voice.

Then there’s the “what if I offend someone?” fear. Well, shoot, you can do that anywhere. Why stop at offending online? Seriously, sooner or later we all offend someone. What’s worse is being afraid to say anything for fear of offending.

You’ve already given your business a personality that reflects you. You’ve chosen a name for your business, a logo, colors for your website, letterhead, and a mission statement. Your blog name and content are just an extension of what you’ve already done.

Do you need to have all of this figured out and carved in stone before you first post to your blog? Heck, no. If we had to do that, we’d never get anything written. Your business focus and interests within your field will change over time. So will the tone you take and how you express yourself.

If you’re writing in a way that doesn’t really express your personality, your shiny new blog is going to become a chore  very quickly. Write about what you care about and what your readers care about. Give your opinions and show your passions.  That’s how you’ll stand out from the Blogging by the Numbers crowd.