Making the leap from free to fee

When you’re selling information products online, what’s the “tipping point” from visibility to credibility and then from credibility to profitability? More importantly, when do you jump from free to fee; when your customers will pay for your info product?

Many budding infopreneurs are frustrated when the info product they develop fails to get any traction in the marketplace. “What’s wrong with my product? And what’s wrong with me that nobody wants to buy my stuff?” They wail.

Nothing, probably.

Except that you’ve failed to become well enough known – yet – in order to make that leap in your customers’ minds that your product is worth buying.

Pricing could also be a factor. What’s your competition charging for similar products? What are the general trends in the industry? It’s hard to sell a $300 product as an unknown if a well-known competitor is selling their product for $37. Know what’s going on in your niche. Be on their mailing lists as well.

Does your product meet the marketplace needs? What keeps your customers up at night? Find out by reading blogs and forums online, and print media on your topic.

So, what do you do if you get a good response to a free product, say a free teleclass and get no response to an offer for a paid product?

I would say that you need to keep working to expand your list and build more visibility by offering more free products in the form of ezines, articles, and podcasts. Include success stories of people who have used your products, or interviews. Collect testimonials. Only by building a track record can you bridge the gap from free to fee.