Is Twitter your red-headed stepchild?

I mean that social media-wise, of course.

Everyone who uses social media has a favorite place to hang out. If I had to name my favorite “child” it would probably be facebook, just because it’s kinda in my face more than the others and I have a lot of friends there.

I regard LinkedIn as my middle child. LinkedIn is pretty undemanding, not rocking the boat. Steady, dependable, straightforward. I have a sneaking respect for LinkedIn just because I’m a middle child myself.

Now, Twitter is my red-headed stepchild. I don’t know really what to do with Twitter.

It can be oddly fascinating to lurk up on Twitter and see what people talk about, all in 140 characters or less. But I don’t participate much. Even my WordPress plugin that sends my posts to Twitter doesn’t want to play. And I know marketing on Twitter can be very effective, as well as using the site for customer service. But I just can’t quite connect.

How about you?