If you’re marketing online, be thankful for…

1. WordPress. The open source blog software enables you to build a great website without knowing any code.  And it enables me and millions of others to blab endlessly about great observations, information and sometimes just….stuff.

2. The thousands of how-to sites that tells you everything you need to know about marketing online, how to fix your plumbing, buy a car, cook your Thanksgiving dinner, and darn near anything else you want to know.

3. Google Analytics/Feedburner/free keyword tool Google may take over the world someday, but at least they’re giving us some useful tools in the meantime.

4. YouTube – another Google-bot, I’m grateful to YouTube for giving me a way to take a silly break in the middle of a stressful day. And for giving creative types with fevered imaginations a place to post their work. Anybody up on what Chad Vader, Darth Vader’s younger brother is up to these days?

5. Amazon.com – and other online shopping sites that I intend to use for my holiday shopping again, enabling me to skip getting up at 3 am on Black Friday to wait in line outside of Best Buy.

6. The online community – Who would have thought 20 years ago that you’d have “friends” all over the world that you’ve never met, but share hobbies, obsessions, and marketing tips with? Heck, I know more about my Facebook friends than I do about my next door neighbors.

Happy Thanksgiving!