How will people find your new blog?

It’s tough to start a marketing program when you don’t have a following and don’t even know if anybody’s paying attention. New authors ask, “If I start a blog, how do I get anybody to read it?

Well, everybody has to start somewhere. You might be writing at first for just you and your mom and a friend or two, but that will change if you just keep going. Here’s a few other ways to attract people to your website and your blog:

  1. Give away some free stuff. A report, a checklist, that people would find useful.
  2. Keep publishing fresh content – a lot. You should be updating your blog at least once a week.
  3. Promote your blog by telling people about it – on Facebook, Twitter, even by adding it to your business cards and your email signature.
  4. Watch what keywords people use to find your website – and use them in your blog posts.
  5. Write thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs in your genre. This will help to draw traffic to your blog.