How to answer your clients’ questions: FAQ page? User’s guide?

The frequently-asked-questions page or FAQ has been seen on websites since the dawn of the internet. Is an FAQ page still relevant for your website and your clientele?

I’ve been thinking about FAQ pages and users’ guides a lot lately. I’ve been working with a client on a membership site that has a mostly tech-averse clientele. We’ve been developing a users’ guide to the site to contend with simple technical questions like how to unzip a zipped file download or how to retrieve a lost password.

A guide like this could be a simple pdf file that you email out in response to inquiries. Active links could lead to tutorial pages either on your site or on trusted authority sites.

I get a lot of follow up questions from clients after coaching sessions that center around social media. Rather than write lengthy answers each time, I’ve been starting to incorporate the questions into my blog. You could either create a special category for these answers to common questions or just include them in your current categories. The posts do serve as a great reference for clients and saves you a lot of time. Answering client questions are also a great source of ongoing content for your blog!