Help a reporter out

Would you like to be quoted as an expert by reporters, bloggers, and authors? Sign up to get a free subscription to Help A Reporter Out.

Help A Reporter Out ( is a free service that aims to hook reporters up with expert sources for stories, blogs, books and websites. Founder Peter Shankman started the service in response to queries for sources from reporter friends. He decided to push the inquiries out to anyone who subscribes. Shankman sends out three emails five days a week listing current source needs by reporters. Shankman’s only request is that you think before you send a response and really respond only if you have legitimate info to share. Rule of thumb: if you have to think too long about it, don’t send a response.

Authors looking for experts to quote for upcoming books can also use HARO to get sources.

An additional benefit for those of us who watch what’s going on in the media is that we see what people are writing about both in the regular publications and online.