Getting started with podcasting

I’ve been talking recently with several people who are interested in podcasting their books, but haven’t got the slightest idea of how to start. So, here’s a list of resources I’ve compiled ranging from videos to equipment reviews. This is by no means all of the resources out there, but they’ll get you started.


1. How to Podcast from Jason Van Orden, author of Promoting Your Podcast.

2. Podcasting tutorial from

3. If you’re a Mac user, here’s one on how to use GarageBand to podcast.

4. Here’s a video on how to use Audacity (a free audio recording software) to podcast. (See Equipment below for a link to download Audacity.)

5. How Stuff Works tells you How Podcasting Works.


1. Audacity is free audio recording software. Here’s a handy tutorial on how to use it.

2. Microphones for podcasting: Here’s a video from jupiterbroadcasting.

3. had a ton of them. Search on “podcasting microphones” and check the reviews.

4. had a nice review of microphones.

5. Podcasting News had a nice video on podcasting microphones under $100

Distribution or Now That You Have a Podcast, What Do You Do With It?

Post them here:

1. iTunes store


3. Here’s another tutorial on on how to podcast plus how to distribute it.

4. Spotify

5. You can also self-host your podcasts on your WordPress blog

There’s several hundred more resources (at least.) Here’s another thing you might try: download a free podcast for yourself and get a flavor of what’s going on. You, too, might become a fan!