Facebook got your tongue?

Now that you’re promoting your book on social media, what the heck do you say?

Nobody really tells you how to do this part. So how do you ease your way into this brave new world where you’re expected to be totally transparent and share your innermost thoughts?

My answer is to reuse content that you’ve already written.

  • Chances are you’re reaching a whole new audience who hasn’t heard your stories of how you researched and wrote your book. (Your friends will forgive hearing these stories again because they’re your friends.)
  • You’ve also probably got lots of research materials that didn’t make it into your book, which translates into More Fascinating Stories To Share on your Facebook page.

More ideas for content:

  • Are there any prequels to your epic? Any reports, presentations, short stories, etc that are lurking on your hard drive of your pc? Time to dust them off and see what can be used.
  • Are there some snippets from your actual book that you can excerpt? Great way to allow your fans to sample before they buy.

Now, eventually, you’ll run out of old stuff and you’ll finally have to start some new topics. But use this old material to help you figure out that all-important distinctive voice that you want to have online – the one that makes you different from your competition. If that seems hard to describe, all I can say is, you’ll know it when you see it.

When it is time for new content, use your new friends online to test out your ideas for new books, stories, and whatever. This could be a great way to discover exactly what problems your fans have and tailor your products exactly to meet their needs.


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  • Good advice. I’m sticking to my plan to update both the blog and website weekly. So far it’s fun, but even someone with logorrhea like me will occasionally run out of words. See you at CIPA next weekend.

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