Top 20 Self Publishing Boo Boos Video Class


Industry professionals say they can spot a self-published book a mile away. In this webinar, Polly and Mary point out the top twenty red flags that scream THIS BOOK IS SELF-PUBLISHED so you, the author, can avoid them. Check out these top 20 self publishing boo-boos and save yourself a heap of headaches and money.

The Presenters:

Polly Lefofsky is an author and the founder of My Word Publishing. In her position as a Project Manager — or “Book Coach” as some people call it — Polly has established herself as an expert in the field of self-publishing and book promotion through the publication of her own award winning book, 3mph: The Adventures of One Woman’s Walk Around the World. Polly is also an active participant and member of several leading publishing and writing associations nationwide, including The Independent Book Publishers Association and The Colorado Independent Publishers Association.

Mary Walewski, M.L.S. is a book marketing consultant and social media trainer for authors. She founded Buy The Book Marketing in 2005 to help self published authors sell their books using online marketing. She is the recent past president of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association.