3 Steps to Make Your Readers Love You Video Class

3 Steps To Make Your Readers Love You (and sell more books!)

People buy from you when they know and trust you. If you are struggling to connect with potential readers on social media, take a good look at what you’re posting! If it’s just a series of “buy” messages, learn my 3 steps to building a rapport with your followers and maybe…..get them to love you and sell some books!

In this training, you’ll learn:

· The 3 things you must do on social media to be seen and heard.
· The 7 types of content you should use to attract your ideal reader.
· A step by step guide to create a social media plan to attract fans who will buy your book.

Plus: Take the 30 Day Challenge!
Put the 3 Steps to Work and Create Your Social Media Plan

You’ve struggled to get any response on your social media pages. No fans, no interactions, no book sales! The webinar, “3 Steps to Make Your Readers Love You gives you the outline of what to do. The challenge shows you how to do it.

Give yourself 30 days to create a social media plan that works!
The challenge consists of 4 webinars outlining what part of your social media plan you’ll work on that week:

Module 1: Your Book Genre and your Audience . Learn who your audience is, what they want, and how to give it to them.
Module 2: What’s in your content buckets? Learn what kinds of content you should post to attract your ideal readers. (Hint: not all of that content needs to be yours!)
Module 3: How to engage your fans on social media. It’s time to Be Social with Online Conversations 101.
Module 4: Managing your online plan. How to use an editorial calendar and other tools to keep your social media current, get result and NOT take over your life.