Do one thing every day to promote your book

In a conversation with a client last week, I suggested that he needed to do at least one thing every day to promote his book. (Three or more activities every would be even better, but he has to sleep sometime!) To be really effective, schedule a specific time each day that’s all about promoting your book. Here’s the list of marketing activities that we came up with:

* Write a post for your blog

* Participate in a forum on your topic

* Update your social networking pages, like Facebook or MySpace

* Comment on someone else’s blog

* Write an article and upload it to an article directory

* Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper if your topic is in the news

* Work on your pitch to TV and radio producers

* Review a competitor’s book on

* Set up a Google Alert on your topic. Spend some time checking out the search results.
Bookmark any new sites you find on your topic that you would want to come back to.

* Check those new links and blogs that you’ve bookmarked.

* Seek out a new networking opportunity. Try to attend a new networking event once a month.

* Need to sharpen your public speaking skills? Find a Toastmasters in your area. Now attend a meeting.

* Write a report, tip sheet, or how-to on your topic for your website.

So you don’t have a book yet? These work for promoting your business as well. Get busy!