Day 10 of Tina’s Virtual Blog Tour: Linda Lou, Live from Las Vegas!

Friday, February 11, end of the blog tour trail –

Last stop on Tina Collen’s blog tour!  For the last 2 weeks Tina has virtually criss-crossed the country promoting her book, Storm of the i: An Artobiography. Thursday, Tina guest blogged on Mason Canyon’s blog, Thoughts in Progress. Today’s stop is Linda Lou, Live From Las Vegas! Author/standup comic Linda Lou will review Storm of the i.

Read Linda’s review  and leave a comment to win a free autographed copy.

To enter, leave a comment that answers this question:

Oftentimes the objects we hold onto contain cryptic clues that point towards something deeper about ourselves. Take a look around your house (or your room) at the things with which you have surrounded yourself. Is there anything you are still hanging onto that seems to contain a hidden message for you? What do you think it is?

A quote for the day from Tina –

When I first started unearthing mementos and art pieces, every once in a while I’d feel a small jab connected to one of them — the calligraphy brush, for example, that my father brought me from Japan when I was a child. All my life I’d associated my father with belligerence, so I was astonished to see my response to the brush slowly soften into an appreciation for his thoughtfulness in finding the perfect gift for me. It is clear that he cared and paid attention to the kinds of things that I would like. He didn’t bring me a blouse — he brought me a goat-hair paintbrush.

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