Create multiple streams of income from one book

A lot of authors I’ve met have full time jobs in addition to writing and publishing. Not everyone can make a full-time living from their writing. There’s a simple reason: you have to sell an awful lot of books to make back your investment and pay the bills too.

Successful full-time authors recognize that it takes more than one book to create that full-time income. Having a few alternative streams of revenue based on work you’ve already done makes it a lot easier to quit the day job.
That’s the beauty of information products. If you’ve already written a book, you can create information products easily by repackaging your book’s content into smaller, bite-sized pieces. You are leveraging work you’ve already done but making it available in smaller amounts and different formats. This allows you to reach a wider audience of people who may not be ready or interested in getting expertise in book form.

So what kinds of products can you create from a book that you’ve written. How about:

  • How-to reports developed from chapters of the book
  • tip sheets
  • an audio version of the book
  • teleseminars
  • instructional DVD

Creating these products is easier than you think. My partner, Judy Murdoch of Highly Contagious Marketing, and I will be teaching our teleclass, The Information Product Roadtrip starting January 20. The four week teleclass meets on 4 Tuesdays for an hour. Location: your home on your telephone. We’ll teach you how to create info products and how to sell your info products. Best of all, you’ll be using materials and expertise you already have.

To learn more and to sign up, go to the Info Products Road Trip website.