Could we quit the oversharing…please?

I read a novel years ago where one female character was describing how overprotective her husband became when she became pregnant. He even wanted her to leave the bathroom door open in case she miscarried. “I said no to that one,” she said, “a woman’s got to maintain some mystery.”

Amen, sister.

I teach classes in how to market online which inevitably includes a discussion on how much of your personal life you should share online.

It depends, I say, on how much you’re comfortable sharing.

My personal preferences? Okay to share stuff that gives your friends and followers a taste of who you really are. Hobbies, okay. Current events, fine.

Not okay to tweet photos of your nether regions. That’s really oversharing, don’t you think?

I refer, of course to the New York congressman who just torpedoed his career because he hit “tweet” instead of “direct message” on Twitter, sending a photo of his crotch to his Twitter followers.

Seriously, do we need to say it again? Don’t post anything online you wouldn’t want your mother to see. (Or your constituants. Or the press. Or your spouse.)