‘Bridesmaids from Hell’ Live on the Internet

I google my name and my company’s name every now and then just to see where I’m popping up on the net. One day, I was surprised to see my name mentioned in the archives of a newspaper in Salt Lake City.

I live in the Denver metro area and have no ties to Salt Lake. But, surprise, surprise, the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News and the Deseret News were both Scripps-Howard papers – and the Deseret picked up a Rocky story quoting me in 1996 about the worst bridesmaids dresses ever and how my friend Debbie and I recycled our dresses as “Bridesmaids from Hell” the Halloween after our (now) ex-friend’s wedding. (She couldn’t understand why we hated the dresses. Maybe it was because we all looked HORRIBLE in them!)

In the spirit of full disclosure, here’s the guilty photo:

Bridesmaids from Hell

I’m the ghoul on the left.

Aside from this being one of the best costumes we ever came up with for bar-hopping on Halloween, this is also a great example of how stuff you might have posted say, on Facebook or on a forum might pop back into your life when you least expect it. (Maybe you should rethink that hooker costume for this upcoming Halloween….)

Generally, I’m a big believer in the Mom Rule of what content is suitable for posting online.  I don’t post anything I wouldn’t have wanted my Mom to read. (Mom thought this story and picture in the newspaper was pretty funny, by the way.) But maybe it’s a really good thing I’ve never applied for a job in the bridal industry.

And, oh, yes, the bride no longer speaks to us. The dresses eventually went to Goodwill where someone else probably snagged them for Halloween costumes. But I’m happy to say this picture will live on in cyberspace. Happy Halloween!