Resistance is futile

Maggie is my 6 year old, very mixed breed dog. In some ways she’s very smart – too smart – as in knows-how-to-get-in-the-dog-proof-trashcan-smart. Where she’s less than smart is her reaction to being fussed over, whether it’s grooming or being … Read More

It’s not about you

The whole world does not want to know about your book. But, the world does want to know what your book can do for them. Your elevator speech – your 30 second spiel for when someone asks you what your … Read More

Online book sales – 30% and rising

The October meeting of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association featured a talk by self-publishing guru Dan Poynter. I’ve heard Dan speak on two occasions now and always feel energized by his can-do attitude about writing and selling books. Aside from … Read More

Why your website needs a press kit

As a published author, you should have information on your website for the press and others to learn about you and your book. Consider these questions: * Do you ever try to get free publicity for your book? The first … Read More

To sell books, give them away

Writers always want to know about inexpensive (or even cheap) ways to promote their book. Here’s one of the cheapest: give away copies of your book. Here’s why: 1. Nobody throws away a book. Even if someone isn’t interested in … Read More

Make your book the best it can be

A little forethought goes a long way in producing your best work and maximizing your opportunities for book sales. In the excitement of writing and producing your long-awaited book, authors often overlook some of the basics. Poor planning can result … Read More

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