My life decaffinated

I decided to start my spring cleaning early by cleaning up…myself. I started a 30-day cleanse on Saturday to detoxify my body and hopefully drop a few pounds. The diet part is relatively easy. Lots of fruits and vegetables and … Read More

How to not suck at public speaking

I read somewhere that most people fear public speaking more than death. I know a lot of authors who take this attitude to the max. Writers can be an introverted bunch. Unfortunately for some of  them, one of the best … Read More

Why I lurk on social media sites

It’s been estimated that over 93% of people lurk on social networking sites; not participating, just listening to the 7% who are actually taking part in the conversation. I confess to occasionally lurking myself. I’m really a social person. But sometimes … Read More

6 Ways to Feed Your Monster Blog

Sooner or later bloggers have to Face The Monster. The Monster is a blank blog screen and no ready ideas of what to blog about. Here are my six best ways to defend yourself against The Monster with a steady … Read More

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